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Dana, Matt and Nick endure sub-freezing temperatures in Alaska to go paddle boarding in Resurrection Bay and try dog sledding with an Iditarod champions. Matt shares some of his BJJ knowledge to local fighters and even rolls with Nick the Tooth. The boys check out a promotion called the AFC, and Dana is impressed with the up and coming MMA scene in Alaska.

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Free State of Jones is an epic action-drama set during the Civil War, and tells the story of defiant Southern farmer, Newt Knight, and his extraordinary armed rebellion against the Confederacy. Banding together with other small farmers and local slaves, Knight launched an uprising that led Jones County, Mississippi to secede from the Confederacy, creating a Free State of Jones.


Holy sh*t. This intersection gets my vote for craziest intersection ever. Seriously. Everything from people getting nailed by cars, to sketchy c*nts purposely unscrewing a fire hydrant. What the hell is going on? Living on the corner of this intersection is literally a reality TV show. Luckily the owner of this house he set up a security camera to show all of the craziness for everyone to enjoy. Watch in awe as he gets arrested for pepper spraying a man with a baseball bat, and chases a thief out of his yard with a machete!


Chicago, or “Chi-Raq,” is a place full of peace and harmony with no need of guns or self-protection because after decades of being run by liberal Democrats, they’ve replaced poverty and violence with rainbows and unicorns. Case in point, this security camera footage showing a young business owner tending to his phone store, when a man walks in pretending to be interested in purchasing a new device. Things turn ugly in a hurry.

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These are the type of women that will cuddle you gently at night, and break the arm of the guy who took you parking space in the morning. Welcome to the LFL!


Rumblr is an app for recreational fighters to find, meet, and fight other brawl enthusiasts nearby. You don’t need to fight to use Rumblr. With Rumblr Explore, anyone can browse and attend fights close by that other Rumblr users have arranged – all for free. Will you sign up?


UFC contender Miesha Tate has been busy since being snubbed by the UFC for another shot at Ronda Rousey. She has been trying to make a life outside of MMA with acting and other appearances. This time she takes on the 4 members of the Australian Youtube Comedy Sensations “The Janoskians” in a game of 2 minute warning. How many times can she tap them within a 2 minute time limit? This seems like an elaborate ruse to get Miesha to rub all over you for a couple minutes, and then you get to tap her on the ass. Lucky bastards.

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This guy with big muscles should have spent more time working on athleticism, rather than focusing only on size. All that bulk just slowed him down and made him tire easily.

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Whilst last season Chelsea shamed themselves in Europe with the infamous racist incident on the Paris Metro, this video below show what has been going on for years when the Blues are in Europe. The clips appear to be from the lead-up to the 2012 Champions League final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena. They show Chelsea fans being super aggressive, throwing chairs and singing before one guy fights a waiter.


Is it me, or are more and more kids bringing air-soft guns to fist fights these days? Why would anyone do this anyway? The only thing dumber than randomly pulling out a real gun is pulling out a fake one. He was winning the fight before he pulled that sh*t out. Kids these days…


F**ken hell, for a 23 minute video it was pretty action packed, you have: Sketchy drug use/dealing, people almost getting run over by cars, cars going 80mph in a neighbourhood, fist fights, dogs harassing a child, a suicide inside the house, gun shots, robberies, assaults, and many more. Definitely worth the watch. Just imagine what happens inside that sh*t hole house!

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UFC President Dana White travels around the country with his friends, sampling the best in local food, fun and fights as he scouts up-and-coming MMA talent. In the first episode, the boys dine on cheese steaks, canolis and salt water taffy. In Atlantic City, Dana is impressed with a local fight card and in Philadelphia, a fighter surprises him with an unexpected challenge.

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This brawl erupted at the Manhattan Hotel in Melbourne, shortly after UFC 194 was on to help everything think they were world class MMA fighters.


The UFC 194 weigh-ins are complete, although if you listened to the crowd you’d have thought the fights were tonight. More than 9,000, an overwhelming majority of them Irish fans, came to the MGM Grand to attend the weigh-ins on Friday, and everybody made weight. Who ya got!?


On Episode 1 of UFC 194 Embedded, middleweight champion Chris Weidman talks fashion, friendship and fights during a media day in New York City. On the other coast, Californian challenger Luke Rockhold wraps up the most important training camp of his life. In Rio de Janeiro, featherweight champion Jose Aldo mulls over his methods for defeating interim champion Conor McGregor, who is busy honing his own skills in Los Angeles.

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Developed exclusively for VR (virtual reality), Eagle Flight sends you to the skies of Paris to experience the freedom of flying like never before! With innovative and intuitive controls, you will quickly learn to perform impressive aerial maneuvers and engage in heart-pounding aerial dogfights in the blink of an eye.

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Check out this awesome MMA highlight reel of the welterweight MVP which is one of the most exciting fighters to watch. All of his fights are in corresponding order in the video!


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