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These guys have well and truly proved their point that the way to win a fight is to get naked. But you need to know one thing, if you take too long to get naked, you might get knocked out!


Diagon Alley is looking rough these days. Gangs should solve their differences with things like Roman candle wars, paint balling or laser tag. Winner gets to expand their territory and maybe receive a few extra bitches.


As Britain begins a two-week long roasting heatwave, the shocking footage appears to show a dog dying after an agonising four hours locked inside an overheated car. The animal fights for its life as police in north-west Spain smash the car’s windows to free the dog from its plight. Emergency vets rushed the dog to hospital but, despite a three-hour operation, Fidji died of internal bleeding at 8pm the same day.


Meet Katie Castro, seen in the “mum picking up the kids from soccer practise” attire. Her last fight ended horrifically, as MacFarlane dropped Castro to her knees with punches. Rather than step aside and let the referee call the obviously over bout, MacFarlane landed on last Murder Punch, putting Castro away for good. It legitimately looks like she came to watch the fights with her boyfriend, and suddenly decided she thought she could do it. That was some Mortal Kombat fatality sh*t.


The LFL (Legends Football League) is a lingerie football league that was founded in 2009. There are very few rules (in comparison to the NFL) so big hits, fights, and funny moments aren’t that hard to find. This video is a compilation of all various moments during LFL games.