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Some people think the Fast and Furious movie franchise is too ridiculous and dumb and filled with stunts that are even more realistic and dumb. Those people are wrong. Because it really doesn’t matter how crazy it gets because it’s fun to watch. You wouldn’t want to see the realistic version because they’d just be stuck in traffic all the time.


As we know from the Taken movies, Liam Neeson is a bit of a family guy himself. So who better to guest-star in Family Guy’s 250th episode airing this Sunday? Titled “Fighting Irish,” the episode will find Peter Griffin meeting Neeson for less-than-friendly reasons. “We learn that anytime Peter gets a few beers in him, he goes on a drunken rant about how he can beat up Liam Neeson,” says executive producer Steve Callaghan. “Quagmire and Joe and Cleveland have reached their limit after hearing this same drunken rant one too many times—so they realise it’s time call Peter’s bluff.”

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If you find yourself about to fight a much bigger guy than you, you can turn them off by doing this. It works every time!


CCTV footage shows 18-year old minimum security inmate, housed in the psychiatric ward, walking in an unauthorized area of the housing pod. Police officers approached the inmate and told him to return to his cell, when the inmate began striking the officers.

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This guy with big muscles should have spent more time working on athleticism, rather than focusing only on size. All that bulk just slowed him down and made him tire easily.

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This is how to win a fight every time. The only downside is you have to wear a butt string at all times, cos you never know when you’ll have to throw hands!


Are these the most effective and vicious haymakers you’ve ever seen? Probably not. These dudes have absolutely no clue how to fight, and it’s entertaining as hell to watch.


This analysis is intended for self-defence scenarios. Even highly trained individuals should try to avoid street fights all together. The outcomes are unpredictable and dangerous. If prevention is not possible, these are tips that will help. Remember that some people in this breakdown are even professional fighters.


A St. Patrick’s Day hooligan was obliterated by a Buffalo, NY police officer via a choke slam. Although police report that 80,000 people attended the festivities, only 10 arrests were made and 100 tickets were given to people with open containers of alcohol. Saying that “there were no major incidents,” one arrest was caught on tape demonstrating that if it weren’t for the police officers’ quick actions, the story may have been different.

U.S. Navy photo by Christopher L. Jordan

Climb aboard an F/A-18E Super Hornet with the U.S. Navy’s Strike-Fighter Squadron 27 (VFA-27) “Royal Maces”. Based at Naval Air Facility Atsugi, in Japan, VFA-27 is part of Carrier Air Wing 5 and is attached to the USS George Washington (CVN-73). This footage is just a teaser for this year’s full-length cruise video dubbed “That’s a Shack!” but it contains some incredible stuff, including the AGM-154 JSOW delivery as seen from the ATFLIR pod, low level flying in the canyons, dogfights and flight deck operations.


Sean Penn joins the recent tradition of Hollywood actors becoming bad-ass action stars late in their careers with his newest film, The Gunman, in which he plays an ex-international operative with a killer instinct and a guilty conscience because he “did some bad things.” Will you watch it?


The LFL (Legends Football League) is a lingerie football league that was founded in 2009. There are very few rules (in comparison to the NFL) so big hits, fights, and funny moments aren’t that hard to find. This video is a compilation of all various moments during LFL games.


In the video, the man can be seen trailing the 13-year-old girl as she makes her way home in San Jose, California. He approaches her on the front step of her house and then forces his way into the girl’s home through the door. Police said he attempted to sexually assault her in the foyer. In the video, she fights back, pushing him away and slamming her hand into his face. After stopping and a brief pause, the man flees out of the house.


High school fights are quite common. If you’ve been to school, you’ve probably witnessed one or two. But what this teacher does when a fight breaks out is commendable. He’s paid to educate his students, not break up fights because they can’t control themselves. Somebody give him a f**ken raise.


Today’s Mad Max gameplay overview trailer reveals the Thunderdome, the caged gladiator arena from 1985’s Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome. Does this mean we can anticipate deadly cage fights as much as ruthless desert warfare? The appearance of the Thunderdome isn’t the only thing we learn from the new Mad Max trailer, obviously. We also see plenty of driving, crafting, fighting, and… dog food eating. Let us know what you’re most looking forward to in the Mad Max game in the comments now!


We already have plenty of fight nights. So why not some knight fights? M-1 Global initially started running full-contact jousting matches, with “knights” dressed in armor and wielding swords, as filler during MMA events. The response has been so positive that they have committed to featuring more of these unorthodox battles — with the possibility of an entire series of events filled with knight bouts in the future, M-1 president Vadim Finkelchtein said. The new venture is called M-1 Medieval.


That hand stomping was f**ken brutal and some people think unnecessary. But it did stop him biting the man’s face. Justified? Or deal with it, there are no rules in street fights. Leave your thoughts in our comment section now!

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If you’re a Star Wars fan, this game trailer will make you as stiff as a lightsaber. Rebel forces firing blasters, imperial speeder bikes zipping by and intense dogfights between squadrons of X-wings and TIE fighters filling the skies. Immerse yourself in the epic Star Wars battles you’ve always dreamed of.