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The Illegal Civilization guys crew packed their bags for London, making for a classic tour video. Olan Prenatt, Jordan Norwood, and Nico Hiraga alongside notorious young videographer Mikey Alfred hit the streets of London to cause a ruckus.


Sure, slicing and dicing via lightsaber is one way to go about things, but Star Wars have long yearned for a video game that adequately replicates the thrill of the films’ intergalactic dogfighting; and, thankfully, it looks like Star Wars Battlefront may deliver exactly that!


He’s lucky he ran into a true martial artist with self-control. Fight State just released this footage that took place outside Kurt Osiander’s BJJ Academy. The guy who was disrespecting women and being a creep wasn’t mentally ill or handicapped, he was just a drunk idiot according to Ramona Valentine who shot this video.


For those that live under a rock. The home grown Australian cartoon series created by Jarrad Wright, Izak Whear & Tom Hollis, is filled with crude Aussie humour, the series follows the adventures of Big Lez with his get rich quick schemes, fights with his rival brother, drug trips with narcotic obsessed sasquatches and many more troublesome situations he and his friends always seems to find them selves in. So grab your narcotics and come join the adventure, this one will be the best yet!

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The Team Fighting Championship is back with another insane 5 vs 5 fight, this time with the United States of America taking on Latvia. It’s clear the US just doesn’t have the hooligan fights experience!


Rousey destroyed the previously unbeaten Brazilian Bethe Correia, inside 34 seconds at UFC 190, securing her sixth title defence and extending her winning streak to 12. The undisputed UFC bantamweight champion has won her previous three fights in a total of 64 seconds, enhancing her reputation as one of the greatest fighters of all time.