Meanwhile inside a Chinese McDonald’s, it’s adorable watching these drunken idiots with zero athleticism get into a fight. Nobody gets badly injured and they all tried their hardest!

Guy in the back, dinner and a show. Just casually licking salt off his fingers and watching, not a care in the world. I feel that if they f**ked with him he would turn out to be an assassin and create havoc, then turn around, grab his fries and walk out in slow motion. I would never fight in a foreign country, especially over something probably stupid. The last thing I want is to go to jail for fisticuffs in a McCafe, and not understanding sh*t going on around me while being booked.

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Teenage Maori thrash trio ‘Alien Weaponry’ released a striking visual for their newest single “Kai Tangata”, featuring Maori warriors battling in the bushlands of New Zealand!