Belts and cheap shots! – A truck driver starts a road rage fight with a guy who takes his belt off and tries to give the trucker some lashes, and if you were wondering what a Roman gladiator fight looked like, look no further!

A raging truck driver is first seen launching a fury of punches through the window of a silver sedan as traffic builds up behind his unmanned vehicle. The driver quickly exits his car to confront the much larger truckie as the pair size each other up. After a few swings, the man in the green shirt whips his belt off and unleashes a series of lashes on his opponent.

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Dwayne Johnson teaches the Los Angeles Lakers how to be world champions, and gives them a speech that will probably make you better than Kobe on the court!

Went out in style! – Dude quits his job at Popeyes by singing and freestyling the news to his co-workers and the customers, demands his last cheque then leaves!