“I think people get a sexual thrill from it” – If you challenge Marilyn Manson, expect him to come back with humour and intelligence. He’s been outclassing interviewers since forever!

Underestimating Marilyn Manson is a deadly mistake. Though many dismissed him as a mindless shock rocker, Manson is, in fact, one of the most well spoken and intelligent musicians in the rock realm. Always ready for a stoic debate, Manson came out on the winning end of these 10 interviews.

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To call Jon Olsson’s life ‘hectic’ would be an understatement. Watch him drift a million dollar, 620hp, biturbo V12 Mercedes Maybach G 650 Landaulet in the snow with the top down!

Where is Samuel L. Jackson and LL Cool J? – The sequel to 1999’s ‘Deep Blue Sea’ is coming and it’s been Rated R. But people online are pissed, calling it hot garbage with sh*t CGI!