Gang violence would end quickly if thugs knew how to aim and shoot – A**holes with complete disregard for life around them get into a brazen stoplight shootout!

No one was injured, but a 2-year-old and an 8-year-old were inside the Toyota at the time of the incident. Authorities later arrested 30-year-old Jeremy Olds, identified as the gunman in the Toyota, after a chase. The driver of the Lexus, Jonathan James Harris, remains at large, sheriff’s officials said.

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Nicolas Cage discovers a hidden crawlspace and two-way mirrors in his motel, accidentally witnesses a horrifying murder in the psycho-sexual voyeuristic thriller ‘Looking Glass’!

Drifting on public roads! – Mysterious man wearing yellow driving gloves in Russia throws his 200SX sideways on packed public streets, and everyone is calling his actions dangerous, when in reality they all text and drive!