Is this real life? – Get a glimpse of this amazing real-time compositing and live on-set visual effects, as a guy walks around a green room, but the camera sees something completely different!

“So far we have created a great tool for pre-visualisation and real-time VFX. It allows us to record in real-time, live-action foregrounds (with our without live-action sets, using real props and actors) and digitally bake them within HD, 2K, 360º, and 3D Virtual Worlds.”

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He almost made it to Hogwarts! – The diehard Eagles fan who went viral after being tackled by a pole while he chased after a subway train is allegedly doing OK!

“I need a medic, I’m down!’ – Developed for Unreal Engine 4, ‘Hell Let Loose’, the new historically accurate WW2 shooter promises 100-player online battles, has gamers frothing!