Meanwhile in Australia, Cooked punters in Byron Bay make the most of festival rain, send it down the filthiest mudslide you’ve ever seen in your life before the fun police shut it down!

“I was on day 2 of the Falls Festival in Byron Bay when the rain decided to crash the party. This resulted in a giant mud slip n slide, where the drunkest of the festival goers gave it their all, fittingly during the Dune Rats set. If you watch closely, you’ll notice at 0:26 an unlucky punter is collided in the groin by another human bowling ball.”

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“Oh my god” – For a very brief window, Mavericks was its biggest in over a decade, and a handful of hectic c*nts were out dropping into bombs they say were “close to 70ft”!

“He’s still holding on!” – When you and your mates go snowboarding for the very first time. I nearly pissed my pants from laughter watching this. Never give up. Never let go!