We granted 6’6 internet sensation Cleetus McFarland and his twin turbo Corvette Australian citizenship not long ago, and these classic boost powered 2017 highlights show you why!

“Becoming Cleetus Mcfarland was a pure accident. We were out on Rocky Mountain Race Week. I went to Walmart and there was this red Chevy shirt for five bucks and I bought it, ripped off the sleeves and I told Kyle to interview me in front of Tom Bailey’s 3000-horsepower twin-turbo Camaro street car. While I was standing there, he turned on his phone and asked what he should call me and I originally said, Dale McFarland. He starts videoing and he goes, “We are standing here with…Cleetus McFarland,” laughs, and I was like, Yup, and just went on with it.” – @garrett_1320video.

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When the candles are lit, a Top Fuel NHRA Drag Car produces 8,000HP and a roar that can be heard on distant planets. But sometimes things don’t go as planned!

Meanwhile in Australia, Suspected drunk and drugged d*ckhead continues to chug his alcoholic berry cider after crashing into two cars during an afternoon of highway madness!