Righteous! Is the East Australian Current in ‘Finding Nemo’ real? You bet your sweet ass it is. The thrill of drift diving is one of the most exhilarating experiences ever dudes!

Current diving can be exhilarating and safe if you stay vigilant and practice good judgment. Learn to recognize different types of currents, and be prepared. If you’re diving in an area known to have currents, always carry a DSMB, or safety sausage, in case you get separated from your group and must surface alone. As with any dive, if you feel uncomfortable or find the currents too challenging, better to abort your dive and move to a site with more favourable conditions.

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21-year-old challenges possibly the strongest and most ripped 13-year-old on the planet to a gymnastics strength competition, and now I wish I’d done gymnastics as a kid!

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