“I’m opening it, chill!” – Kid gets busted by his mum when his triple-percolator bong with ice catcher arrives in the mail, uses Oscar worthy acting to pretend the whole thing was a mistake!

“It just looks like a vase for a bunch of like, things.” You can see this poor bastard slowly dying on the inside. One of the best performances of 2018 though. Academy Award worthy acting.

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Sh*t got weird at the Aussie Open last night. Professional a**hole Jamie Zhu disrupts play by screaming sex noises and recoding himself on snapchat. Says it was “the greatest thing I’ve ever done”!

“Surfers should have a pocket full of $100 bills to pay for pick ups if they don’t have their own safety ski” – Hellishly crowded and super sketchy, Jaws carnage is unavoidable!