“I got a bad chick under my bed right now” – Comedian Ryan Davis speaks on the incredible new Sex Dolls available. Once these life like robots are able to cook, it’s a wrap baby!

“She is only $2k and when I get tired of her, a new head costs $300. For only $3k I can have 4 girlfriends who are never gonna get on my nerves and are never gonna wanna get married. She thicker than 5 o’clock traffic in Atlanta. Y’all are not gonna disrespect my silicone queen.” – Ryan Davis.

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A rebel group leader known as the Venezuelan Rambo was killed by police after he hijacked a government helicopter and hurled grenades at the Supreme Court, then went into hiding for 6 months!

This is why you shouldn’t gamble! – While some people are lucky enough to win big at casinos, the hardest part can be collecting the winnings!