A rebel group leader known as the Venezuelan Rambo was killed by police after he hijacked a government helicopter and hurled grenades at the Supreme Court, then went into hiding for 6 months!

Oscar Perez is a former member of the forensic police and a helicopter pilot; he was accused by the Venezuelan government of trying to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro. He’s been on the run for over six months, and the government has been trying to find him. Recently Venezuelan Special Forces attacked his hideout and a shoot-out ensued, during which a number of people died.

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‘UNIT Parktech’ just created the world’s first floating surf pool that pumps out 15,000 litres per second, produces 5ft waves, and can be installed on your favourite river or lake!

“I got a bad chick under my bed right now” – Comedian Ryan Davis speaks on the incredible new Sex Dolls available. Once these life like robots are able to cook, it’s a wrap baby!