I’m usually anti-robots in case SkyNet gets activated and the world burns, but I can’t resist here. If this Ping Pong machine murders me in the night, at least I’ll die playing what I love!

Omron’s ping-pong playing robot Forpheus uses AI to judge its opponent’s skill level and adjusts its own playing level to match it. It flashes inspiring messages on the LED screen on its net, so it’s just like playing with a nice, encouraging friend who’s really good at table tennis.

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BMX pro Mike Gray has an official addiction to riding roofs, and he put out this edit featuring creative tech tricks and just plain gnarliness!

“Hit my head on my board. Ended up with six stitches” – Paying your dues at Nazare is a given. You drop into few bombs and survive. But the inevitable steam-rolling is always around the corner!