“Nothing comes easy” – Meanwhile in a foggy magical wonderland, Redneck Jesus tries to reach his shotgun by walking on water, his struggle will lift your spirits and bless your family!

I’m surprised he managed to stay upright with all the sliding and sloshing around, was sure he was about to face plant. When he stood still and slid back, you just know he’s like “this is my life now.”

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This mental, boosted, 400hp Honda Civic is a force to be reckoned with. A screaming, savage little bastard that’ll chop street bikes and cook it’s front tyres all day baby!

“My voice is f**ked” – Aussie bloke hanging outside a petrol station reckons he’s Ed Sheeran’s first cousin. If you give him $20 dollarydoos he’ll belt out a couple bangers for ya!