Payback is a mother – Gabrielle Union stars in home invasion thriller ‘Breaking In’. Will stop at nothing to rescue her children being held hostage in a mansion with impenetrable security!

Breaking In looks like Panic Room, Gabrielle Union–style. Your favourite BET star/courtside queen returns to the big screen with the home-invasion drama. Union co-produces and stars in the movie about a mother trying to save her two kids when bad guys lock them inside her family’s impenetrable home.

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Ansel Elgort, the actor who starred in ‘Baby Driver’ as a Subaru driving getaway driver, owns one of the red WRX’s used in the movie, and took it out drifting in the snow!

Video: If you were walking around Venice Beach and a stranger walked up and asked you to stop everything your doing and come skydiving right now, what would you say?