“My voice is f**ked” – Aussie bloke hanging outside a petrol station reckons he’s Ed Sheeran’s first cousin. If you give him $20 dollarydoos he’ll belt out a couple bangers for ya!

“I pulled up at the service station to get a cold drink and this guy asked if I wanted to hear a song and started singing. I said to hold up one second. I walked in the shop, got a drink, and gave him 20 bucks to sing me a song. He asked if I was sure. Then I started to record, he started singing, and the rest is history.”

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“Nothing comes easy” – Meanwhile in a foggy magical wonderland, Redneck Jesus tries to reach his shotgun by walking on water, his struggle will lift your spirits and bless your family!

Swedish sculptor and stop-motion animator put months of hard work into his project ‘Going Fishing’ with awesome levels of details!