“This is f**ked” – Meanwhile in Australia, RSPCA seizes footage of a Gold Coast bloke caught kicking his dog at the beach. Video causes mass outrage online after it goes viral!

“I saw a man pull up in his Ute, get out and punch his dog with a closed fist. I then saw the dog try to jump out of the Ute and was stuck hanging by its chain. The man then had the dog on the ground with its lead when he kicked the dog and dragged the poor dog around by its lead. The female companion did nothing like it was normal.” – Tara Lee Barry.

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Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May set out on a roadtrip across Colorado in old Jaguars for this weekend’s episode of The Grand Tour!

“Holy sh*t. We got a little contact” – Everybody knows M5’s are only happy when they are sideways. Mid-drift refuelling helps BMW smash record, drifts for 374km around a skid pan!