“Holy sh*t. We got a little contact” – Everybody knows M5’s are only happy when they are sideways. Mid-drift refuelling helps BMW smash record, drifts for 374km around a skid pan!

BMW Drivers, Johan Schwartz and Matt Mullins, teamed up to set THE GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for Longest Vehicle Drift in 8 hours. In order for Johan to continuously drift the greatest distance possible, he must complete the world’s first ever tandem drift refuel with Matt so that he will have enough gas to achieve his goal without stopping.

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“This is f**ked” – Meanwhile in Australia, RSPCA seizes footage of a Gold Coast bloke caught kicking his dog at the beach. Video causes mass outrage online after it goes viral!

Need a healthy does of ripping in your life? Watch San Clemente goofy-foot pro surfer Kevin Schulz shred Lower Trestles, San Clemente pier, Newport Beach and more!