Aliens, the ride! – Did you love the James Cameron’s classic 1986 film ‘Aliens’? Well you’ll love this virtual reality ride made on ‘Planet Coaster’!

Aliens: The Ride was made by YouTube user Hin Nya. Due to the technical limitations of Planet Coaster, the Xenomorphs in this video only have limited movement. But the recreation of the exomoon LV-426 and the journey through space are both visually impressive and oddly serene.

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Meanwhile at Georgia Tech University, A couple of clever dudes build a 250cc powered ‘Wheels Barbie Jeep’. Should weld up a roll cage and take it to the local drag strip!

Dying for attention? The internet is running rampant with memes of people eating ‘Tide Pods’. They call them forbidden fruit, and now savages are smoking them in bongs!