Video: “Gotta be blown to be known!” – Meanwhile in Australia…65 burnout cars from all over the country fight for Burnout Masters Golden Tickets in a tyre frying, piston killing good time!

South East Queensland has seen a welcome return of pro burnouts with the unique and highly entertaining competition format of Burnout Allstars. It promised to overload the senses, and delivered in spades. Kick back and enjoy the tyre-frying tip-ins and high-octane, car-thrashing good times of the only TV show dedicated to the sport of burnouts!


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Video: Tandem drifting an abandoned airstrip! – Once the cameras came out, and the lighting was just right, the boys got hyped! That’s when it turned into a tandem drift edit gone stunt reel!

Video: Take a rare look inside a US military airstrike command center in Afghanistan targeting Taliban, and see how America’s longest war is being fought!