Video: Salted pork. Terrifying drone footage captures a massive crocodile rising from the ocean depths with an entire pig in its mouth. Has allegedly been killing pet dogs from the nearby village!

“The Crocodile has been living near a small village in Baia, East New Britain, for the past two years. It usually gets pigs and dogs from the village near by whenever it’s hungry, and i was lucky enough to capture it this time as it stole a pig and was making it’s way back home.” – @Milan_MG.


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Video: “About as far from stock as you can possibly get!” – A guy in Sweden built maybe the most awesome American muscle car ever, and even Jay Leno is blown away with how good it is!

Video: Sony introduces futuristic horror. Vibrating vests will allow creepy new sensations to invade viewers’ bodies when they are watching Insidious ‘The Last Key’ in 2018. Sign me up!