Video: Cortes Bank is creepy. A sunken island, 100 miles off the coast, with the tallest peaks reaching as high as 8 feet below the surface. Exposed to all the ocean’s swell, it’s a magnet for bombs!

Big Wave World Champions Long and Grant “Twiggy” Baker rounded up a crew of courageous chargers to make the long trek out there. Alex Gray, Jojo Roper and a four-man safety crew were among those involved, and their efforts paid off in spades. “What a day,” said Baker after exiting the water. “I’ll tell you, that’s the dream right there.” Via: Worldsurfleague


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Video: Racing truck suffered this insane crash, sending a wheel flying across the desert when the truck landed nose-first into the dirt after a jump!

Video: Dutch drug running gang used fake ambulances to fool border security and smuggle £1.6 billion worth of cocaine and heroin into UK!