Video: Cooper Ray gives zero f**ks, charges through heavy New York traffic on his brakeless fixie. Runs red lights in front of cops, dodges buses and hits pedestrian pathways!


“Can we make sure this video is shown in court as evidence of how many times the cyclist broke the law leading up to their inevitable death. The person on trial will likely be accused of manslaughter caused by dangerous driving or driving with out due care and attention. This video will go some way to proving their innocence as it would be so hard to avoid running this cyclist over when this is their riding style.” – Ladytortor.


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Video: Dictator’s son of the small oil rich African country Equatorial Guinea, has been on instagram showing a life of insane luxury while most of the population of his country live deep in poverty!

Video: What evil bastard invented this horrific game show?! – Man is forced to choose whether his girlfriend or his ex is more attractive to win money, then the crowd votes to see if he was correct!