Video: “It’s like the devil tooted, lit it on fire, then whispered a curse onto it” – Everyone’s a food critic these days, and parents constantly making their kid’s hot garbage dinners isn’t helping!


Facial recognition and digital reconstruction tech has lead to a lot of growing fears recently, with smart phones using face ID as a controversial form of authentication, and neural nets producing new, passable faces from big data. But none of the recent face-tech breakthroughs have been anywhere near as horrifying and hilarious as this.


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Video: “You gotta be f**king crazy, man. Death on a stick out there, mate” – Relive the greatest waves Nazaré has to offer. Would you throw yourself into these monsters?

Video: “Holy f*ck knuckles, I am high as a kite right now!” – Deadpool, by way of Bob Ross, introduces the first clips from the foul-mouthed superhero sequel!