Video: Fearless and inspiring. Documentary footage shows Conor McGregor just after quitting his job as an apprentice plumber to focus on MMA. Heavy bloody sparring ensues!


The story of Conor McGregor is the what-if scenario of when the drunken clichéd yahoo at the Dublin Tavern, who knows how to throw-down in the alley after a few pints, becomes a global mega-superstar of Ultimate Fighting. The larrikin who’s as quick with verbal jabs as he is a left, right, uppercut – Notorious gives us the method behind the madness.


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Video: A true classic never goes outta style! – Chucky remains the king of the killer dolls ever since he first came to life in 1988. This is his evolution. Don’t f**k with the Chuck!

Video: Fisherman hooks a little reef shark while bottom fishing in the Bahamas when out of nowhere a massive 1000lb, 14-foot long Tiger Shark kills it and gets hooked!