Video: “Moral of the story is, f**king watch where you’re going!” – Aussie bloke trial riding his dirt bike alone in the bush falls down a mine shaft, sh*ts himself but survives!


“The video explains the story. A few details left out of the video as I did not want my partner to panic any more than she did. I could have left her and my 3 week old baby and 6yr old girl fatherless. She panicked enough as it was. The end result was a few broken bike parts and sore body. Could have been a whole different story”


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Video: The Italian Mafia and a Nigerian gang called the Black Axe are targeting refugees arriving in Sicily trying to escape violence back home, only to be thrust into sex slavery and drug trafficking!

Video: “I’m going to kill myself in a second” – U.S. Soldiers react to a fake active shooter running loose in their headquarters pretending to be innocent and injured like an evil bastard would!