Video: Quit your job and divorce your wife. You’ll need as much free time as possible to play ‘Need for Speed Payback’. Welcomes to the corrupt gamblers paradise, Fortune Valley!


In the corrupt gamblers paradise, each region is filled to the brim with events, activities, and collectables. Cruise through the glamour and grit of Silver Rock or drift up and down the mountain switchbacks of Mount Providence. Tear up terrain in the arid badlands of Liberty Desert, or carve your way through the deep gorges of Silver Canyon as you lose yourself in your own driving adventure.


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Video: Vegans hate him, but the farmers love him! – Controversial hunter Pigman sends Prairie Dogs poppin’ like a goddamn video game!

Video: Blade Runner Black Out 2022! – The third and final short film prequel to the new Blade Runner is an anime set just three years after the original 1982 film!