Video: Shouldn’t it be called dolphinpower? – This compilation features hectic boats with so much horsepower that they will put the fear of god into any rogue waves!


As the horsepower rises, so does the fun. These speedboats pack more power than your car because you need to be able to tow your friends on skis so fast their face peels off.


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Video: “That’s the future bro” – 11x World Champ and Willy Wonka of surf Kelly Slater knew exactly who he wanted to ride the first left at his Surf Ranch 2.0, the legend Gerry Lopez!

Video: “I’m squeezing my balls so hard bro” – Crazy bastard with no respect for his a**hole sits nude on a bee hive to win $1,000 bucks from his mate, says it was the easiest money he’s ever earned!