Video: A double suicide no-hands in spooky Canadian woods. Watch Paul Genovese shred his Mongoose at the Coast Gravity Park in British Columbia!


“After a season of non-stop riding in 2015 I had a bit of a mis-step, I came up short on the the first double during Logan Peats Backwoods Jam and broke my Femur. I was about 2-1/2 months into rehab when I received a call from Leigh Ramsdell asking me to ride for Mongoose Bikes, which I appreciated heavily because it was some light at the end of the tunnel considering I could barely walk at that point! I worked hard at rehab and was able to make a full recovery, so after a season with a new sponsor and some titanium leg hardware this is my first video back.” – @paulgenovese. Photos via: @tobycowley.


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