Video: God damn it Toronto. Get your sh*t together. Thirsty woman on drugs pleasures herself in the middle of a fountain. She’s got to be crazy. That water is disgusting!


When you don’t have a shower head and you want to see what all the fuss is about. Poor girl is thirsty as a mother f**ker. Right after she busts off, someone needs to wrap her in a blanket and help her to the hospital. Maybe give her a grilled cheese sandwich or something.


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Video: “I would see people walk through walls!” – Steve-O’s drug taking was so intense he put himself into a psychosis and would see spiritual entities in his apartment all the time!

Video: Dana White has released footage of Conor McGregor sparring Paulie Malignaggi, after Paulie went public claiming he was pushed down when photos of him on the floor were released!