Video: “My name is Noah and I am a level 76 shadow warlock of the bush!” – ‘Alaskan Bush People’ are already ridiculous enough, but a voice dub on top is like christmas morning!


This is actually a tv show, and here’s the real kicker, it has seven seasons! I guess when you have no reference of what is normal, you have to decide who you want to be by doing research on a dial up modem.

550x250-2 (1)

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Video: Flower Boy rapper Tyler, the Creator greeted Late Show host Stephen Colbert with a butt-grab and the rest is history. Dances beneath a bee-shaped disco ball performing ‘911’!

Graphic Video: Terrifying footage shows cops shoot nutcase with 45 bullets in wild Atlantic City shootout. Dude went out with a lit cigarette like he was Denzel Washington in Training Day!