Video: “This n*gga out here bangin’ at the police!” – Welcome to Baltimore. We’re more than just murder! Robber with 2 handguns shot dead after a wild shoot out with cops!


“The road was closed, so I pulled up and I stopped and I saw weapons drawn. The next thing I know, I hear shots being fired. While I’m sitting in the truck, there’s a sign next to me and a bullet hit that sign next to me. Next time I look up, the female officer is shot and she’s down. I threw the truck in reverse and I just backed out of there to keep from getting hit,” Clayton Brown, a witness, told the I-Team’s Barry Simms.


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Video: “Holy sh*t! That door was coming right for you dude” – Making America great again. Bloke almost kills himself after shooting a fridge packed full of Tannerite explosive!

Video: Very sick giant Great White shark with a huge wound on its back from a boat propeller got caught in 3 feet of water, and these men got really close to film it!