Video: “Way Better Than Pokémon!” – Random Stoner. Wiz Khalifa Celebrates 4/20 With First Ever Phone Game “Weed Farm”. Plant, Grow, And Harvest The Finest Herb On Earth!


The concept to Weed Farm isn’t complex at all. The goal is to grow, harvest and reinvest one’s haul of the sticky green leaf, but it has a larger focus as well. Both Metamoki and Khalifa hope to see that cannabis gets legalized nationwide as it’s already proven to give financial boosts to states that allow recreational use. The farming of bud will allow players to expand their empires across the entire United States and in later releases, global locations will be a possibility. For those who wish to earn their green thumb stripes, the app is available by visiting Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm app page HERE.



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