Video: Spring Break catfight of the year – Dabbin’ till you die? Vicious girl repping Red Sox at Spring Break ends a girl’s life. Savage then twerks over her chalk outline body!


Moral of the story? Don’t go starting sh*t with chicks from Boston during Spring Break unless you’re ready to eat sand and have your bell rung. Everything about these two videos scream chaotic sh*t show. Gotta love the ending there when her friend, or more likely — some random beach combing vagrant — tries to rally her with a quick hit of nicotine. Pure madness.

Part 2:


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Video: “Speak softly and carry a big stick” – Rhino enters a gangster elephant’s hood. Elephant gets threaten and balances a log on his head pretending to have a horn, then throws it at the Rhino!

Video: Time to extend the track! – Sugar glider Stefan Kraft cracks the record for the world’s longest ski jump, gliding an astounding 253.5 meters, 832ft through the air at 100kph!