Video: “If I want to send flowers to your grave, I have to wait 6 days?” – From door bell cameras, to glasses of wine. The amazing deals ‘Shark Tank’ bosses regret never taking!


When founder John Tabis brought The Bouqs Company to ABC’s “Shark Tank”, it seemed that all the “sharks” hated the product. “We all passed on it,” shark Robert Herjavec told ABC News. The Bouqs Company disrupts the flower delivery system by selling directly to consumers. It cuts out the layers of middlemen normally in the process. Despite not initially getting a deal with the sharks, The Bouqs Company has thrived. In the run up to Valentine’s Day this year, the company reported sales of over $1 million in a single day.

Want more? The ‘Shark Tank’ sharks reveal their best deals made in the tank. Some of the biggest deals include Lori Grenier, who invested in Scrub Daddy and the Simply Fit Board. Check it out below.


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