Video: “Somebody call 911…anybody?” – Bodybuilder walks into a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Dojo, gets punished by a Black Belt before getting choked unconscious by a woman!


The entertainment that the Internet brings is seemingly endless. Rambo Cuztha Gunz creates videos for the sake of your entertainment and is willing to take a beating for it. Gunz has a humorous bio for his social media accounts. His YouTube bio reads, “No hate here. All in good fun. If you think I don’t know what it takes, then let me flex my right gun!” His Facebook bio reads, “From overweight, to man you wanna date.”

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Video: “I f**ken hate you men!” – This ‘Period Explosion’ prank in the middle of London is horrific, I almost died from cringe overdose watching it, kids will be scarred forever!


Video: The technique. The creativity. The pure audacity of it all – Spanish soccer squad Las Palmas scores the most amazing team goal of the year!