Video: “I Don’t Care Anymore, if I Die, F**k It!” – Rapper Kasper Knight Just Filmed Himself Being Shot In The Face To Be Internet Famous, Swallows Bullet And Rubs Blood All Over His Face!


The person behind the camera asks, “Did it hurt bad?” to which Kasper Knight says, “Yeah,” before adding “F**k, I don’t give a f**k about nothing anymore”. Then, to make everything even more dramatic, he spits out a load of blood. Is there any common sense or intelligence left in the world? Shocked? Is the world about to implode? By the looks of this unbelievable new social media trend, it seems likely. Not only is he going to have to have stitches to fix that wound, but now he’s probably gonna have to be pumped full of meds so his stomach doesn’t start digesting the bullet and create harmful byproducts from the metal. Damn homie, you’re f**ken nuts.



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