Video: Portuguese explorers called it The Gates of Hell! Do you dare you enter the BMX Bad Lands? – Watch Kriss Kyle and some of the world’s best BMXers take on Africa!


Sergio Layos, Kriss Kyle, Greg Illingworth, Russell Barone and Alex Kennedy embark on a 4,000km journey across the deserts and mountains of south-west Africa. Accompanied by filmer Rich Forne and photographer George Marshall, this is a journey into the unknown – this is Bad Lands.

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Video: Dude drives his girlfriend crazy with wedgies, clearly just a way for him to get more followers by showing her fire body to the world!


Video: “Too dang old to be going down water slides” – Dallas man flies off the edge of a water slide and down a rocky cliff, breaks his arm, fractures his ribs, and shreds up his back!