Video: The rare Pokémon Go character ‘Vaporeon’ has been identified as the cause of a stampede in New York’s Central Park, after crowds of people were filmed sprinting through the area!


Talk about a crowd pleaser! To call Pokémon Go a massive success so far would be a gross understatement. Despite privacy concerns, security pitfalls, and Pokémon-induced car crashes, people can’t get enough of Nintendo and Niantic’s latest creation. A massive number of Pokémon Go players stampeded through NYC’s Central Park after spotting a rare Pokémon in the public green space — and the stunning incident was captured on video.

It probably won’t surprise you either that for a game that’s searched more than porn and gets more users than Twitter that this isn’t the first time a massive crowd flocked somewhere to add a rare find to their Pokédex. Only a couple of days back, people were going nuts in Washington’s Downtown Park after a Squirtle appeared.

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