Video: Meanwhile in Poland…The beer is cheap, the Polish woman are sculpted by God himself, and the tuner car show/street-style drift meets go hard!


“The Raceism Clique’s main focus has always been peace, love, unity and having fun. You can see this the whole way through the weekend. Even though we can’t speak a word of Polish, we never felt unwelcome at any point. Everyone was there for the same reason, everyone had the same interests. We were kindly welcomed by all of the people that we met. This is one of the things the Raceism Event does best.” – @ilovebassuk.

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Video: Ex-Homeless rapper Old Man Saxon makes an awesome music video showing what his life was like when he used to live in his car in ‘The Perils’!


Video: GoPro Awards – Join shark biologist, free diver and the love of my life Ocean Ramsey as she films whale sharks in the Philippines to document migrating populations!