Video: Jesus f**ken christ, this next level cringe – Former ‘Apprentice’ star’s racist ninja song will leave you speechless – It’s so painful to watch that it should be a hate crime!


Is this really what rich white people do in their spare time? Not one person there has the balls to roll their eyes and look at her like she lost her f**king mind? They probably put that asian chick in the front and were like “Stand right here, you’re going to love this one”. Jennifer Murphy, founder of Jennifer Murphy Beds and former star of Donald Trump’s Apprentice, is under fire for a cringeworthy and racist video in which she performs a horribly stereotyped “I Want to Be Neenja” song, complete with a bad Asian accent. The only way it could be worse if she pulled at her eyes and yelled “Ching chong!” and then punched the Asian woman in the throat.


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