Video: “That’s it?” – Cocky dude will be eating through a straw for weeks after getting lit up and sent to dizzyville with jabs and head kicks by some gangster carrying his groceries!


“Is he ok?” No, he is not. That’s a bold strategy continuing to lead with his face after getting hit the first time. I will never understand people who hang their chin out and ask for more. Has that strategy ever worked? This might be some of the most gangster sh*t I’ve ever seen.

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Video: Pussy News attacks Ford’s epic ‘Drift Mode’ calling it illegal, as cops remind us that Australia has the strongest laws against ‘hooning’ on the planet – Don’t cry for us, we’re already dead!

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Eyewear by Shock Mansion: Hungover this morning? The ‘Sombre’ has a mirrored lens, you’ll look stylish, and your mother will never know – Available exclusively online!