Video: “It’s Horrifying, Menacing And Very, Very Loud” – Little Girl Shoots An AR-15 And Loves It After A New York Daily News Reporter Called It Sickening And Said It Gave Him PTSD!


“What is it like to fire an AR-15? It’s horrifying, menacing and very, very loud. It felt to me like a bazooka and sounded like a cannon. I’ve shot pistols before, but never something like an AR-15. Squeeze lightly on the trigger and the resulting explosion of firepower is humbling and deafening. The recoil bruised my shoulder, which can happen if you don’t know what you’re doing. The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face. The smell of sulfur and destruction made me sick. The explosions — loud like a bomb — gave me a temporary form of PTSD. For at least an hour after firing the gun just a few times, I was anxious and irritable.” – Gersh Kuntzman of the New York Daily News. “That was pretty good!” – Seven-year-old girl.

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