Video: One of the hardest hitting fighters on the UFC roster, Mark Hunt slugs a kid as hard as he can in the gut, legendary kid celebrates, somehow doesn’t die from internal bleeding!


UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt has knocked out more than 20 people during his MMA and K-1 kickboxing career. He’s known as one of the most durable fighters and hardest punchers inside the Octagon, so what gives? How is it possible this dude named “Noodles” just laughs off one of Hunt’s body shots? Keep in mind this is how Houdini died. Im fairly certain if Mark punched me in the gut my intestines would launch out of my arse like confetti out of a party popper.


“The stuff of nightmares. Nothing scarier than a guy that can laugh off a full power Mark Hunt body shot.” – Joe Rogan. The more I hear about this Noodles dude, his fighting career and weight loss, the more of a legend and inspiration he becomes.

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