Video: Meanwhile In Miami…Valet Sets An $880,000 AUD Lamborghini Aventador On Fire After Taking It For A Quick Joy Ride Without Permission!


Ah yes, the Lamborghini Aventador. It’s styled on a fighter jet and runs on the blood of lions. It’s a bonkers car, made for bonkers people, who enjoy being bonkers. As soon as you clap your eyes on it, you know it’s something special. Even people who don’t like cars know that. You get that feeling going around town, too. Everybody looks. People point; others applaud. Other drivers wind down their windows at the traffic lights to ask questions about it and ask you to rev the engine. So you can’t totally blame this valet for taking the super car out for a quick spin instead of parking it. But as karma would have it, it ends in tears, or in this case, flames.

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