Video: Filthy peasants need not apply – Company designs glass seating area to go on top of aircraft so stinking rich businessmen can enjoy 360-degree view of the sky!


For all those people who have cursed the sunlight for waking them up from a dream where they were flying, Windspeed comes with a very neat proposal that’s the closest thing to replicating the experience in real life. You could argue that skydiving or wingsuits are even more effective alternatives, but we’re talking here about stuff that even your 80-year-old granny could do. Presuming she’s a rich old bag who has an estate and a very large pension.

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Video: Meanwhile in Phoenix…Street bike stunt rider pops long taunting wheelies right in front of police officers while his homies box them in!

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Video: Talented film students make their own Johnnie Walker commercial that will make you well up and desire that sweet tang of an aged whiskey!