Video: Take a trip around the world with the fastest racers on two wheels, as they drag knees, rub elbows, and battle at over 200mph during the 2015 MotoGP season!


Racing has always been a part of GoPro’s heritage and it continues to influence their product design. They have so much breath taking footage, it’s unfortunate that we’ll never see 90% of it. I wish they would broadcast more of this close up stuff during the races. Sure it wouldn’t capture the whole field as much, but it gives you such a greater feel for the intensity of being in a pack of insane bikes.

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Kriss Kyle

Video: This has got to be the most mind bending BMX film of the year – Watch Kriss Kyle’s United Kingdom ‘Kaleidoscope Project’ and hold onto your jaw!

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Video: Trophy Truck racing god BJ Baldwin is back with ‘Recoil 3′, attacking some wild urban terrains while he’s hunting Sasquatch!