Video: “I swear to god bruh, I’m not playin” – Meanwhile in Texas…teenage girl run over by car during schoolyard brawl, get a broken hip, ribs, legs and her liver split in two!


A Texas 14-year-old has undergone three surgeries less than two days after being run over during a fight at her middle school. A bystander’s graphic video shows a chaotic schoolyard brawl between an unknown number of girls before a driver moves towards Hunter and ‘ran her over like a piece of foil’. Aurelia Hunter said she has words for the driver that hit her daughter. ‘You will go to jail, and you will look us in the face, and you will have to answer to a higher judge and say you didn’t even stop to apologise,’ the mother said.

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Video: Geek the f**k out as this dude flies a legit jetpack with turbines for propulsion around NYC – Company claims it can climb to 10,000ft and hit top speeds of 100mph!

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Video: BMX pro Mike “Hucker” Clark tries to record the fastest hang-5 manual speed possible down a sketchy steep hill, while drafting a car!