Video: Think Hancock meets Chronicle with a Cheech and Chong vibe – Stephen Dorff is an ‘American Hero’ with telekinetic powers, who loves booze, drugs, and women!


Screen Media has unleashed a trailer for the dark comedy American Hero, about a guy who has telekinetic abilities, but doesn’t use them for much other than to fuel his addiction to drugs and alcohol. After barely surviving one day, he has a change of heart and realizes he has to fight back.

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Video: 10/10 for her gluteus maximus! – ‘Booty Blind’ mean’s you have unclear judgment when attracted to the opposite or same sex, Vine star Max Jr. just put a twist to the meaning and damn it’s good!

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Video: The World of Warcraft movie trailer was spectacular, but this ‘Legion’ cinematic trailer for the game is just an incredible!