Video: Halloween Havoc! – 200 masked bikers cause chaos on London streets, running red lights, letting off fireworks, and having a good old ‘Mad Max’ style rampage!


A convoy of hundreds of motorbikes, mopeds and quad bikes rode through south London setting off fireworks on Saturday night for a “Halloween Rideout” that had been coordinated on social media. Various pieces of footage circulated online shows the sheer scale of the Hallowe’en ride-out on Saturday night. A statement on the UK Raise It Up page claimed that while “there’s a lot of negative press and vibes towards the fast-growing love for bikelife” the supporters of the movement have grown into their thousands, and “we still have nowhere to ride”. “What else can you expect there is not one place we can ride or stunt legally,” it read, adding: “It will only get worse.”

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